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Academic Reform Proposal Clarification 


March 22nd, 2018
Catholic University Students,

I am reaching out to the Undergraduate Body again in reaction to yesterday’s Media and Drama Town Hall meeting. After listening to both the Provost and the students, I was happy to hear a vocal student body. I also want to clarify what SGA sent out last week. The letter released was to clarify the Academic Renewal Proposal and to send the full proposal to the student body. Anyone that released that letter that wasn’t myself or the SGA account, does not represent the opinions of SGA and I apologize for what else was stated about the proposal, as well as any false perception that you might have been given.

The letter that was sent out was not to support the proposal, whatsoever. At this time, SGA has not taken any stance on it. We are determined to listen to you all and your reactions to the proposal. I want to make this clear. SGA is not the mouthpiece of the administration of this University. Instead, we are the mouthpiece of the Student Body and will voice the wishes and concerns of students to the faculty and staff. We have begun to listen to your concerns and there are still many opportunities to do just that. On Monday, the 26th, the SGA Senate has a meeting at 8pm in Great Room B. We have public comment, which allows any student to voice his or her concerns. Besides that, the Academic Senate committees are hoping to plan future town halls to hear more student feedback. I encourage anyone who does have a concern with this proposal to act like the Media Department and make your voices heard. I hope to see you at the SGA Senate meeting. If not, please reach out to myself or your perspective Senator found on our website,

Thank you,

​Jonathan Weiss
Vice President | Student Government Association