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"To represent and advocate on behalf of The Catholic University of America undergraduate student body."

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2017-2018 Treasury Board 
What We Do
Lead by Sam Galvin, Treasury Board allocates money from the undergraduate student activity fee in order to insure that the undergraduates of Catholic University of America are given a full opportunity to thrive on campus.
How To Apply for Funds
A Note From Your SGA Treasurer
Each group wanting to request funds must submit a funding request form on the Nest five days prior to the next scheduled Treasury Board meeting. The group must then book an apointment to present to the Board. All this information is on our Nest Page as well as 

Welcome to the Treasury Board page!  We look forward to having clubs and organizations coming in and presenting their different ideas for the students of CUA. I cannot wait to meet you all and get to know you better! If you have any questions regarding student org allocations please feel free to contact me. 
Who To Contact 
Each of the 8 Treasury Directors are assigned to specific orgizations, clus and sports groups to help with all allocation request and processings. Please identify your director below and feel free to contact them with any questions or concerns you have. 
Meet Your Treasury Board


Current Allocations

  1. Accounting Society
    Pizza Boli's Requested: $190.00 Allocated: $190.00
  2. Biology Club
    End of the Year Open House Requested: $350.00 Allocated: $225.00
  3. Program Board
    Treat Yo-Self to Late Night Breakfast Requested: $1,136.04 Allocated: $1,136.04
  4. Best Buddies
    Hello and Goodbye Party Requested: $292.86 Allocated: $292.86
  5. Redefined
    Bill Donaghy- Speaker Requested: $2,300.00 Allocated: $2,240.00
  6. College Republicans
    Awards Ceremony Requested: $750.00 Allocated: $675.00
  7. Kappa Tau Gamma
    Alumni Tea Requested: $155.00 Allocated: $155.00
  8. Chinese Club
    September 2016 Event Reimbursements Requested: $100.00 Allocated: $98.93
  9. The Pre-Law Society
    Mock Trial Exhibition Reception Requested: $350.84 Allocated: $350.84