CUA Express


President | Brianna Howard

Vice President | Jon Paul Weiss

Treasurer | Sam Galvin

Secretary | Victoria Principato
I'm a Senior Politics and Theology double major from Pennsylvania with a passion for student leadership and service to our university. I'm so excited to get started this year to lead the better way for CUA.
I'm a Senior Politics major on a pre law track from Long Island. Like most of you, I consider CUA to be my home and I'm very grateful to be leading the SGA Senate this year so we can bring valuable legislation forward.
I am a Senior Finance major from Massachusetts. I am involved in CUA Investment club and I look forward to working with all of your organizations to make our campus environment the best in DC!
I'm a Senior Finance major from New Jersey. I love living in DC with everything the city has to offer. I have previously worked with public relations in multiple student organizations and I'm so excited to finally be leading PR for Student Government.

The Cabinet

  1. Chief of Staff
    Chief of Staff
    Sean Calabria | Chief of Staff Senior
  2. Executive Director
    Executive Director
    Brent Behringer | Executive Director Senior
  3. Director of Campus Life
    Director of Campus Life
    Owen Salyers | Director of Initiatives Junior
  4. Director of CUA Express
    Director of CUA Express
    Julia Emerson | Director of CUA Express Senior

Each member of the cabinet serves President Brianna Howard in a specific area of interest which is important to the mission of SGA.

The cabinet works on projects for both executive initiatives as well as in support of legislative work in the Senate. 

Please feel free to contact either the Chief of Staff, Sean Calabria, or the Executive Director, Brent Behringer with any questions, comments, or concerns about the SGA cabinet and its related work! 

  1. D.C. Liaison
    D.C. Liaison
    Frankie Gaetani | D.C. Liaison